Concerned Parents Share Thoughts About Kids Being Bullied At Sabine Middle School

Published: Apr. 10, 2006 at 3:53 PM CDT
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Some concerned, East Texas parents are banding together to take a stand against school bullies. The parents say the situation has gotten so bad at Sabine middle school, their children do not want to go to class.

"He's a very good student. Never had any disciplinary action against him until this year," said Mandy, whose son is being bullied.

"They are good boys. I mean they love athletics," said Kerry whose sons are being bullied.

Another parent, Sherry said this about her sons,"Did love going to school. I have one who has been you know a and b honor roll just about every year and have loved school and does not want to go,"

Mandy, Kerry and Sherry say they are angry and frustrated. All year, they say their 6th grade boys have been picked on by the same group of bullies, and they say the school is not doing enough to stop it.

"I've been to the school on repeat occasions. I've asked for nothing more than more supervision. That's all I want," said one concerned parent.

In November, during P.E. class Mandy says her 12 year old son was attacked by one of the five bullies. "He grabbed his arm, knocked his glasses off. He grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground," Mandy continued. "My oldest son this year was hit in the locker room and I took pictures of it. His eye was literally black you know all the way around here."

Superintendent Stacey Bryce said the school district does everything it can to keep its students safe. "Those kids are supervised at all times. They go in the gym as a group, coach is with them. They leave the dressing room as a group, the coach is with them...coming from class to gym. We have administrators and teachers standing out in the hallway, so the kids are supervised."

Bryce also said they know of some of the incidents, and they were handled. "That's part of what we try to talk to the kids about. If they have issues, if they are being picked on or whatever then if it's reported and it will be taken care of. "

Mandy says her son does report the bullying, but still nothing is done. "Everyday, threats, locker room shoving matches. He tells the coach and the coach shooshes him off."

Mandy, Kerry and Sherry said they just want their children to enjoy going to school again. Superintendent Bryce said parents are welcome anytime to talk to teachers and administrators about concerns they have.

Molly Reuter, reporting