Identity Theft Attempt In Hawkins

An East Texas couple does exactly the right thing when confronted by someone possibly trying to steal their identity.  Although that is not always the norm.  Your personal banking information, something only you and your bank should have.

Even if you know better, you can still get scammed.  Kay Robinson, President of Better Business Bearuo of Central East Texas say, "Sometimes people can get talked into giving away personal, confidential information and lots of times after they have done it and they realize, they have made a terrible mistake."

What happened to Martha Young of Hawkins makes her wish she had never picked up the phone.  The caller told Martha her bank account information was on a public computer and she could help her get it off.  Martha Young, phone scam victim, says, "She said we just need the last four digits and dumb me, I said that last four digits, cause I was trusting."  She held on for a few minutes and then it dawned on her what she had really done, giving  her my account number, so she told her husband and she hung up the phone and called the bank.

Notifying the bank was exactaly what Martha and her husband should do.  David Fenton, Vice President of City National Bank, says, "We advise our customers to close the account and opening a new account, to keep anyone from getting into their funds."  Keeping your personal banking information, personal is harder than you think.   Kay says, "It's just out there, we use credit cards, write checks and if there are people that have access to that information that are crooks, they use it to their benefit."

In a consumer report, in only ten states over 12-million people fell victim to identity theft. And Texas was ranked fourth per capita.

Karolyn Davis, reporting.