Downed tree blocks Bill Owens Parkway in Longview

Downed tree blocks Bill Owens Parkway in Longview

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A dead tree in Longview caused some issues for motorists. It happened around 3 pm at the intersection of Heather Lane and Bill Owens Parkway.

KLTV was curious to see just how fast the city could get traffic moving again.

If a tree falls on Bill Owens Parkway and no one sees it, does it make a sound? That's difficult to answer with no witnesses, but Longview Police were on scene within minutes.

And motorists were a bit standoffish trying to figure out what to do. The lone police officer continued giving guidance until a city crew arrived. It didn't take long for them to assess the situation while the officer deftly directed with his traffic baton.

A chainsaw buzzed to life as traffic U turned, and a school bus helped block traffic too, along with a second officer.

Limbs were thrown in a truck, and bigger pieces dragged off as efforts were coordinated and sweeping started. The officer did let one woman through who said she had a medical emergency, but we probably shouldn't show her because of HIPAA laws.

After the last big chunk of trunk hit the asphalt, it was time for the big sweep with a big sweeper. Police packed it in and moved on quickly. Traffic resumed and many didn't even know it had happened unless maybe they heard it hit the ground.

Bill Owens Parkway was blocked for just over an hour. In fact, from the initial report to cleared roadway, it was only about 65 minutes. The road was cleared by 4:12 before rush hour traffic hit.

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