HELLO initiative at TISD inspires kids to be kind to others

HELLO initiative at TISD inspires kids to be kind to others

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A new social initiative in TISD called HELLO stems from the Sandy Hook Promise Program, started by a group of parents who got together to help end school violence.

So starting next week in Tyler Independent School District, it's all about HELLO. Monday is the "H" in hello, for saying hi to everyone you see. "E" is for encouraging everyone, the two "L's" stand for learning the names of other students and looking for people who need you. Lastly, the "O" stands for own it, in other words, make it your job to smile and be friendly.

TISD says the initiative is all about teaching students to include one another.  Some of the activities will include writing kind notes for other students, for example.

"The importance of it is to build connections among people, create kindness just a culture in our schools with our teachers, students, community of kindness," says Director of Guidance and Counseling Leigh Anne Barber. "Getting along and showing the importance of just being nice."The HELLO initiative will be going on at all TISD campuses.

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