'My son wants justice': Mother faces son's attackers as judge hands down 20-year sentences

'My son wants justice': Mother faces son's attackers as judge hands down 20-year sentences

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Three men involved in a 2017 shooting in Smith County will each serve the maximum sentence for their role in the incident.

Terrance Reggie, Joel Camacho, and Carlos Ochoa pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a shooting on Sept. 17 near the Eagle Creek mobile home park. Reggie and Ochoa received their sentences on Thursday; Camacho received his sentence on Wednesday.

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"They just left him out there, slumped over, blood on his shirt," said Smith County judge Jack Skeen. "All three, they just left him."

On Sept. 17, Smith County deputies found a victim in a wooded area near the mobile home park. The victim, who has not been identified by authorities, received a gunshot wound to the head, resulting in severe injuries.

"He can't eat on his own he can't use the bathroom on his own, he can't walk, he can't talk," the victim's mother testified in court. "He dad such big dreams, he didn't deserve for someone who didn't know him to decide that his life didn't matter."

She went on to add that her son was, "a prisoner in his own body."

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Reggie, Camacho, and Ochoa each pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, leaving Judge Skeen to decide their sentence after hearing from the victim's mother on both days of testimony.

"My son is the one who is in pain...my son wants justice and I just want to make sure the court does that for him," she said.

Prosecutors believe Reggie organized the assault and Camacho fired the gun but said there was not enough evidence to know for sure who played what role, seeing as both men were armed and most of the forensic evidence still resided in the victim's skull.

"There's not enough forensic evidence to tell what gun the bullet came from because part of the forensic evidence is still in the victim's skull," prosecutors explained.

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Both sides argued that Ochoa deserved a lesser punishment of only 17 years, based off "the level of his level of culpability."

Judge Skeen disagreed.

"What did the defendant do after this happened to assist law enforcement, he did nothing," Skeen explained. "So where is the justification for a day less than 20 [years]."

The victim's mother said her son has made "remarkable strides in recovery". She added that although her son survived, he still needs round-the-clock care. 

"I've been so proud of him I've learned so much about him that I didn't know in the past 11 months about his strength," she said during Wednesday's testimony. "I watch him now and I don't want him to give up on his dreams because his idea of normal is different."

Doctors have said he will continue to improve.

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