Water well down, water restriction in place for New London

Water well down, water restriction in place for New London

NEW LONDON, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas town is asking its residents to be cautious with their water usage.  And in this heat, residents are worried.

According to the Shreveport Weather Service, there has only been 1/100th of an inch of rain within the past 14 days in the small town of New London. All of this, in triple digit heat.

"I hope it starts raining soon," New London Jean Davidson says.

Jean Davidson has lived in New London her entire life and works at the soda shop in the middle of town.

"If people do not pay attention and do not do their part to conserve, then yes, we could have a problem," Davidson says.

The water conservation comes after one out of the three water wells in the city shut down.

"They are being refurbished and worked on so while they are down, we have enacted a voluntary water restriction," Public works director James Boggus says.

The New London Water Department says the city only has three wells, which provides water to surrounding cities as well.

The water restriction will help to avoid strain on the two working wells.

"Anything you can do without doing or use of water, please do so," Boggus says.

Boggus says the chlorine in the tanks has eaten away at the metal; a common occurrence that happens about every 15 years.

But during a burn ban and scorching temperatures, the timing is unfortunate.

"It's unfortunate because people like nice green yards but things happen, and we'll just have to deal with it," Davidson says.

The water restriction will be in place until the water well is fixed, and the city is hoping that will be within the next three weeks.

The public works department says the water restriction is strictly voluntary.

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