Mother of Brandi Wells speaks out on daughter's disappearance

Mother of Brandi Wells speaks out on daughters disappearance
Updated: Aug. 2, 2018 at 11:01 PM CDT
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has now been 12 years since the mysterious disappearance of an East Texas woman; a sad anniversary for her mother.

On August 2, 2006, Brandi Wells left a Longview area nightclub and was never seen again.

"What happened? Where is she? What is she going through right now?" Ellen Tant wonders.

Those are the questions that run through Ellen Tant's mind every day.

Despite numerous efforts by investigators and family members, no clues have ever been found as to what happened to her. But Ellen believes someone who knows what happened to Brandi is still out there.

"I want whoever they, or he, or she, is that did this to know ... that breath breathing down your neck is always going to be there," Tant said.  

Brandi's vehicle was found abandoned days later on I-20 with all her belongings in it, but no trace of Brandi. Where she went, and how the vehicle got there, is still unknown.

"Sometimes it drains my emotions," Tant said. "But it will never drain my determination to find out what happened to her."

Wells was captured on security video at a nightclub on McCann Road, and that was the last time anyone saw her. Ellen says some pieces of Brandi have faded away but others are imprinted on her brain forever.

"Her smile is what's really imprinted there, I have pictures of her all over my bedroom, so I can see her every morning when I wake up," Tant said. "And she's the last thing I see at night, because that's the only way I get to see my daughter anymore."

She believes had Brandi not disappeared, she would've been a teacher, married with kids.

"She would've moulded so many minds out there and set them on the right path," Tant said. "And she was such a sweet and giving person that she would've been a favorite teacher of a child."

Police need to find that one person who knows what happened to Brandi Wells when she walked out of these doors 12 years ago.

"I don't care what you've done in the past," Tant said. "I don't care what your future holds, I just want your information."

It is important to note that remains of an unidentified female found in 2006 near Kilgore were tested for DNA and dental records and Gregg county. Sheriff's officials say those remains were "not" Brandi Wells.

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