Historical fiction novel inspired by Longview's history

Fictional novel based on Longview's history

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The historical fiction novel "Harmon General," is about two protagonists who plan to defeat Nazis in East Texas in the 1940s.

The storyline in Kimberly Fish's new book is fictional, but it's based on Longview's history.

 "I wanted to write this novel not only to share the story of Harmon General and reveal how It was in Longview in 1940s but show how that story continues to change lives," Said Fish.

In 1942, U.S. Army Hospital Harmon General was built in Longview, housing thousands of army personnel during World War II.

What is known as the Letourneau University's Speer chapel today, is the only remaining building from the hospital.

The chapel is also one of the historical sites Fish centers her novel around.

"Because it remains here on Letourneau University, I set one of the most pivotal scenes here in the book," said Fish. "I wanted people to come to campus and discover the chapel."

"Harmon General" is the sequel to Fish's 2017 novel, "The Big Inch," that is also set in Longview.

Many of the characters are inspired by real people Fish learned about during her research.

"Readers will discover a lot of the medical personnel that was on campus and Longview," said Fish.

 Despite, her novels having a fictional storyline, Fish says it's a way to keep Longview' story alive.

"They discovered the human spirit, the part of us that can put the sword of individualism and greed down to do something for the greater good," said Fish.  "Those are the stories that came out of World War II, and that's the story I want to tell today."

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