Mineola man who shot trooper in face getting new trial

Updated: Jul. 18, 2018 at 8:14 AM CDT
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MINEOLA, TX (KLTV) - A Mineola man serving a life sentence for shooting a state trooper in the face is back in Wood County after having been granted a new trial.

Jail records show Timothy Charles Parmer, 53, returned to Wood County on Tuesday. He is scheduled for a court appearance on Thursday and a jury trial on Sept. 24.

The Sixth Court of Criminal Appeals handed down a judgment on March 23, ruling reversible error in the judgment of the district court. In an opinion written by Justice Bailey C. Moseley, the court found Parmer was represented by ineffective counsel.

Parmer was arrested in 2010 after he shot Trooper Larry Vaughan in the face while being served a warrant for probation violations. He was sentenced to life in prison on a charge of attempted capital murder in 2017.

The court opinion gives details behind that day and states law enforcement officers responded to Parmer's home after his girlfriend called and said Parmer was acting strangely and shooting a gun. Twelve to 14 officers descended on the home and cut the power to his house. Vaughan testified that he heard two people come out of the house and officers tried to use a Tazer on Parmer but used it on his girlfriend instead. Parmer then ran back into his home, grabbed a shotgun and chambered a shell. Vaughan said he shone a flashlight through a window and Parmer shot him in the face with buckshot.

The opinion states Parmer argued he did not intentionally try to kill a law enforcement officer but that he was only trying to get people off his property.

The appeals court determined in its opinion that his attorney should have objected to evidence contained in Parmer's medical records and that may have affected the jury's decision. The court's judgment sends Parmer's case back to district court for a new trial.

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