Caught on Camera: Suspect swipes Angel Network Donation box from Longview business

Caught on Camera: Suspect swipes Angel Network Donation box from Longview business
Updated: Jun. 13, 2018 at 6:02 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A restaurant theft that was caught on camera is making some East Texans furious. On Monday, a suspect stole a donation box from Nanny Goats Cafe in Longview. 

It was little more than $100, but it is what the person stole that has people saying it was much worse. What he was seen putting into his backpack is a donation box for the Angel Network.

"Yeah we were shocked. It's been shared almost 700 times from our East Texas Angel Network Facebook," says network executive director Micki Strong.

It also caught the attention of network founder Neal McCoy. 

"We put our collection boxes around the city. He basically just stole the collection box off of the counter, and it was a calculated kind of thing because he came in with an empty backpack," McCoy says.

According to the ladies who were working at the location at the time, the man assessed the situation carefully. And he made no mistake going for the Angel Network box.The thief can be seen checking to his right and left before taking the box.He then went to another counter where he paid for gasoline, and then drove off on a motorcycle.

"They're not only stealing from the families that we help, but from the people that work hard and go in there and donate cash or the change from checking out. So it's really from those people too. A real shame," Strong says.

For a foundation that works to help children with disabilities and their families with medical expenses and their bills, it's particularly disturbing.

"It is what you leave behind, I know as corny as that may sound. It is about the children and their families some of the children are born with diseases and we're there to try to fill in the cracks financially," Neal says.

McCoy hopes this thought will sink in to the thief's mind.

"I hope he really needed that for something good. I hope he knows now that it is to help sick children and their families. Either way he stole and it's affecting the kids," he says.

McCoy says the theft does not diminish the effort to raise money for the network. Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call Longview police.

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