Police give Longview fourth grader a 'door-busting' birthday

Police give fourth grader a door busting birthday
Updated: May. 25, 2018 at 7:12 PM CDT
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Generally when you think of a ten year old's birthday, you don't think of the front door being knocked down by police. That's what happened to a Longview family. But what started off as a pretty traumatic event turned into a happy birthday on May 18.

It ended at Kidsview Park in Longview, but Jaidyn Thames' birthday really started with a bang when the front door of his house hit the ground from a police door ram.

"That kind of scared me whenever they ran into my room. I started shaking and shivering," Jaidyn recalled.

"This part I believe is from them," his mother said pointing to a dent on the door.

Jaidyn's mother Kristi Thames had no idea her roommate was a wanted man.

"Before I could even move, the police are all back there; all over the place with guns and all you heard was: 'Police!' And: 'We got kids!' And I was like 'oh my God what the heck?'" Kristi said.

"All you saw was the flashlights shining in your eyes," Jaidyn said.

They had to check the premises while arresting the roommate, Joseph McNary, for delivery of a controlled substance.

"Apparently my roommate was doing some stuff he shouldn't be doing," Kristi said.

She said for the most part they kept to separate ends of the house. After the arrest Kristi and the police were:

"Trying to fix the door. And I was like whoa, I wonder how you fix a door?" Jaidyn said.

After securing the door and a lot of questions from Jaidyn, the police left. Then it was time for the birthday party at Kidsview, and guess who showed up with a cake?

Yes, the police.

"They like literally come to our house, break down the door, and then decide to come to my birthday. That's awesome," Jaidyn smiled.

The County Organized Drug Enforcement unit, also known as CODE, showed up with cake. Maybe in this case CODE should stand for: 'Cake Offsetting Distressful Encounter.' They also brought gifts.

Earlier Jaidyn had told police:

"That I always wanted to be either a policeman or SWAT," he revealed.

"Someday when you're a police officer, you will tell this tale," I said to Jaidyn.

"Definitely," he grinned.

And I bet he pays that one forward.

CODE is an undercover law enforcement unit whose focus is on drug arrests in Gregg County. They don't go on camera, but a sergeant told us: "I am a Christian man and genuinely love people and want the best for everyone. Serve and protect has a lot more meaning to us than people think."

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