Ease the stress during STAAR testing by good habits year 'round

Ease the stress during STAAR testing by good habits year 'round

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It's a big week for students across Texas STAAR testing is underway. 
When it comes to STAAR testing, Angie Wood, who is the mom of twin boys, says she tries to remind her kids not to stress.
"For us, in our house, it's like any other day," said Wood. "The STAAR testing is just another day."

As a mother of 7th graders, Wood says there could be a lot of pressure surrounding state testing.
"We make sure they are calm and relaxed," said Wood. "There is a lot of stress and pressure; there is also a lot of talk about the STAAR testing."
Pediatrician Monique Mills says it's common for children to feel anxious during testing week.
"One thing that would be counterproductive would be for a parent to be anxious about it and say, 'it's 8:30 a.m. you need to go to bed,' or 'you need to eat all your vegetable right now,' just because you have STAAR testing the next morning," said Dr.Mills.
 To reduce stress, Dr. Mills says a child needs to feel prepared, and for that to happen, sleep and eating healthy should be a part of their routine all year long, not just during testing.
"It goes toward more keeping a routine," said Dr. Mills. "You don't want to stay up late and eat poorly every other day of the year, and only get a good night's rest and a good meal the day before the test."

Dr. Mills recommends to never skip breakfast and to have a sleeping schedule.

"Children in middle school actually need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night," said Dr. Mills.

 Wood says her kids sleep nine hours a night which is a habit she has implemented all school year and is paying off this week.
Dr. Mills says it will be hard to break bad habits, and results aren't immediate, but it will be worth it during testing.

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