Mayor Orders Mandatory Evacuation

Officials are concentrating on removing people. The city's mayor has told those who don't want to be evacuated that they now have no choice.

New Orleans residents who ignored the original call to evacuate are now being ordered to move out. New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin authorized the use of force to clear the city.

But New Orleans now faces a host of other problems, including fires and public health concerns. At least five people in the hurricane zone may have died of a waterborne cholera-like bacteria.

"It's a well known organism  is highly fatal in patients who have weak immune systems. Who have exposed wounds or cuts," said, Dr. Louis Minsky director of Metropolitan Medical Response System of Baton Rouge.

In Louisiana, FEMA  is ready to take in up to one thousand bodies in makeshift morgues. Information such as driver's licenses or addresses are compiled there.

Retired Sergeant Jim Doyle aho worked on identifying remains of 9/11 victims for the NYPD said, "They will have to start collecting the medical records, the dental records, if they don't have that ability to identify bodies through those means they are going to have to go to the stage of using DNA to do that."

But are stories of good news-- stories of luck and reunion. With the storm approaching Keeonna Baptise left her children at home because she felt she had to get to her job as a nurse. When it was over they were separated by hundreds of miles until finally the family found each other again.