HAM Radio Operators Try To Help Locate Loved Ones of Evacuees

There are still many evacuees who have not seen or talked to their loved ones for days, and communication is finally now starting to reach the affected areas. Rusty Walker works for the East Texas Emergency Service and is a HAM operator. He helps the American Red Cross get the supplies they need by communicating with other agencies using his radio, cell phone or the internet. Right now, he's helping evacuees locate their family and friends.

"We are just now being able to get some good communications into those affected areas," said Rusty Walker, HAM operator. "We have those operators that have their hepatitis and tetanus shots and everything and they are going in however means they have to get in there and get equipment set up, so they can pass messages out saying John Doe is all right." Walker says the communication is getting better everyday and hopes to help as many evacuees as possible.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com