Crews fish truck out of Sabine

Crews fish truck out of Sabine

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - An unusual call out for water rescue in one East Texas town, as a truck has to be fished out of the Sabine River.

It happened Saturday at the boat launch ramp in Lakeport at the river bridge on highway 149.

Fishermen had been putting their boats in and out of the water at the Lakeport ramp all day,  but one entry into the water didn't go as planned.

The driver was out of the truck when."It came out of gear, went into the river.

Fortunately, it was a vehicle with nobody in it.

One witness described it as a truck driving down the river," says Gregg county game warden Todd Long.

The game wardens office and Longview water rescue team were called in.

The truck was washed 300 feet down river, and underwater obstacles smashed the windshield.

The team had to use a little ingenuity. After all they had never had to rescue a truck before.

"Tremendous help of the Longview fire department, and the multiple wrecker services that showed up. We used chains, ropes, cables and lots of ingenuity. It was 9-10 o'clock last night we finally got this thing out of the river," Long says.There was a danger to boaters.

"Being partially submerged under water, if someone was to strike this thing is could have been a concern," says Long.After over 6 hours of effort, the truck was pulled out.

The driver's truck was a total loss.

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