Families of possible victims of Tyler nurse hire attorneys

Families of possible victims of Tyler nurse hire attorneys
William George Davis

From the Office of Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm

The Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm in Longview, Texas (www.sloanfirm.com) has been retained by both the widow of Christopher Greenaway and the man identified by the Tyler Police Department as John Doe 4 in connection with Mr. Greenaway's death and John Doe 4's severe and permanent injuries at the hands of Christus Trinity Mother Frances's registered nurse, William George Davis. The firm is withholding the identities of the clients at this time out of respect for their privacy.

Mr. Greenaway's widow retained Glenn A. Perry and Justin A. Smith to represent her in connection with Christopher Greenaway's wrongful death. John Doe 4 has retained M. Raymond Hatcher to represent him for his severe and permanent personal injuries. All three attorneys are named partners in the law firm.

Both Mr. Greenaway and John Doe 4 suffered severe, adverse neurologic events while undergoing uneventful recoveries at the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital in Tyler, Texas shortly after Nurse Davis was seen entering their hospital rooms on surveillance video. According to information obtained from the Tyler Police Department and various news sources, both men experienced severe, adverse neurologic events consistent with arterial air embolism, a condition where air is introduced into a patient's arteries, and shortly thereafter, causes a stoke or similar neurologic event.

Early reports from both Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital System and the Tyler Police Department indicate that Mr. Greenaway's death and John Doe 4's horrific and permanent injuries were caused by the wrongful conduct of Nurse Davis. Davis has been charged with murder by law enforcement authorities in connection with Greenaway's death. Law enforcement authorities have also disclosed that aggravated assault charges against Davis

are under consideration in association with John Doe 4's injuries, as well as the injuries sustained by at least five other people who were being treated at Christus Mother Frances' Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital while Nurse Davis was on duty.

In addition to the clients referred to above that are known to be connected to the actions of Nurse Davis, Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm has been retained by multiple other clients who suffered similar unexplained adverse neurologic events while recovering from open heart surgery at Christus Trinity Mother Frances's Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital. The Firm is actively investigating these clients' claims to ascertain whether they are connected with the actions of Nurse Davis.

Our clients have questions about their care and have charged the Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm with the responsibility of investigating these horrific tragedies as well as with safeguarding their rights. In the course of that investigation, the Firm will find out what happened, why it happened, how it was allowed to happen, and who is included in the chain of responsibility for these terrible losses.

We know that the media and the people who live in our East Texas community share these questions. In the course of the last week, many have attempted to contact Mr. Greenaway's widow and John Doe 4 seeking comments or interviews. Out of respect for our clients during this very trying time in their lives, we ask that those seeking information direct their questions to our office.