WATCH: Lake o' the Pines from Chopper 7 reveals extent of damage after storms

WATCH: Lake o' the Pines from Chopper 7 reveals extent of damage after storms
An RV cut in half by a pine tree. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

MARION COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - We sent Chopper 7 to Lake O' The Pines to get a better look at the damage caused by Sunday morning's powerful straight-line winds.

From the air it's easy to see Brushy Creek, which is a small peninsula jutting out into the lake. At the campground, the trees were all pointing away from the lake, so the wind may have increased going across the water until it reached the campsite uprooting trees in lines. That's what the National Weather Service looks for if they suspect straight line wind damage.

It looked as though a hundred trees were downed in the area. RVs, tents and vehicles were no match for the weight of the trees which were pushed over with such force vehicles were smashed and at least one RV cut in half.

Crews were busy with clean up and many trees had been cut to clear roads.

Trees were also downed near the dam and a few had landed on power lines cutting power to area residents. Also near the dam was a road completely submerged in water, evidence of how high the lake is.

Just to the west another peninsula was blasted by wind. There were more pine trees downed there, some on structures causing major damage. Residents were cutting trees there as well in attempts to get the trees off of buildings and clear of property.

Officials say it will take days to clear the trees and move vehicles and RVs that were destroyed by falling pine trees.\

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