City of Tyler hosting 'Hit the Bricks' food truck rally Saturday

City of Tyler hosting 'Hit the Bricks' food truck rally Saturday

The City of Tyler is hosting a ‘Hit the Bricks’ food truck rally this Saturday.

"Theres something about it that is so much fun, going and standing in line, its almost like it makes the food taste better because you're getting it from a food truck," Weinerland general manager Kristen Gibson says.

Weinerland and Say Cheese are just two of the seven food trucks hitting the pavement Saturday, along with Caf
é 1948, Dutch Lady, Kona ice of east Texas, Pokey O's, and Curbside Taco.

"People love food trucks; they
re popular not only in Texas, but all over the country, and then you get some more family activities to go along with it and it's a fun outing for Tylerites," Tyler Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Tom Mullins says.

Say Cheese owner Chris Bostick says he
s hoping Tyler will welcome this kind of business with open arms, to not only benefit the food truck fad, but to also benefit the citys wallet.

"We want people to say, 'hey, what are you doing this weekend? well Im going to downtown Tyler,' instead of saying Im going to Dallas, Im going to Austin, instead.  Im coming home here. We wanted to create something that, again, creates an environment for community," Bostick says.

Several art exhibits, history tours, and even antique shopping will be available, as well as live music at several restaurants and bars around the square.

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The event will begin at 11 a.m. on Saturday and parking is free. Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic blanket and an empty stomach.