Henderson County early voter claims she wasn't allowed to use voter guide when voting

Henderson County early voter claims she wasn't allowed to use voter guide when voting
Henderson County Election Center
State law prevents anyone from campaigning inside or too close to a voting site- but does this include carrying voter guides?

More than 7,000 people in Henderson County early voted in the 2018 primary election, including 77-year-old Grace Vaughn. Every election season, she takes her pro-life voter guide that looks just like this one. But this year she said she wasn't allowed to use it. 

"That lady [took] it and said you can't have that in here [because] it's advertisement, and Debra said 'it's just our guide to take and vote for the people that we're selecting,'" Vaughn said.
Grace's daughter Debra Sheperd said she was holding the voter guide for her mom when an election judge at the Henderson County Election Center told her she was not allowed to have it.
"I said this is what we use to vote pro-life and 'well you can't have it' and I held it out and I said 'what am I supposed to do with it?' and she said 'I'll take care of it' and she took it and she tore it in half and put it in trash can," Sheperd said. 
We reached out to Election Administrator Denise Hernandez . She didn't want to speak on camera but she said she spoke with all employees working that day and no one recalls the incident. But she did apologize to Debra.

"She was so concerned and she told me what had happened was as far away from her teachings as you can get, and that she was going to find out who it was and that she would make sure that the matter was taken care of," Sheperd said.

According to the Texas Secretary of State's voters website, voters are allowed to bring written materials into polling places to assist them in casting their ballot. But the material can not promote a specific candidate and election judges may use their discretion in determining if the materials follow guidelines.

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