Tyler Parks & Recreation Department renovating facilities all over city

Tyler Parks & Recreation Department renovating facilities all over city
Source: KLTV Staff

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department is in the process of renovating multiple parks around the city as part of a 10-year development plan.

So far, it has been one step forward and one step back for the department as they prepare city parks for spring.

"We've got some interesting things that are going to be happening that we are in the development stages that will really bring Tyler up to some new levels of park activities," said Parks Department Director Russ Jackson.

In May of 2017, the South Side Park restrooms were vandalized, leaving them inoperable for park goers.

 "Go in and remodel them and make them more ADA accessible; they weren't before," Jackson said. "And just freshen them up and make them look good."

The department is also working to replace the lights along the Rose Rudman Trail. The lights have been there since the 1990s and have experienced a lot of wear and tear.

"We are having lights go out all of the time, and to make it safe, we wanted to come back and we have been putting some money into putting LED lights along the trail," Jackson said.  

One of their biggest projects at the moment is the redesign of Hillside Park on E. Erwin St.

"So we will be going in, doing dirt work, putting in new playground equipment, putting in an art wall," Jackson said. "This will be where artists in our community or whoever is visiting can do art on this wall."

Through all of the projects, the Tyler Parks and Recreation Department has going on, one goal remains true.

"Make our facilities more user-friendly and make people want to come use them, that's is the goal," Jackson said.

Jackson says the restroom renovations should be finished within the next two weeks. The Hillside Park construction, however, will take a couple more months.

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