Community remembers young girl killed while checking mail

Community remembers young girl killed while checking mail
Isabella Smith lost her life while checking the mail on a busy highway. (Source: Smith Family)

DIANA, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas community is remembering Isabella Grace Smith, who was killed Monday night by a vehicle near her home while going to the mailbox.

Nine-year-old Bella is described as smart, loving, and talented. Her family says they want her to be remembered as a happy kid in the wake of a tragic accident.

"She also loves to laugh and so she was really funny," Bella's aunt, Misty Amaya, says. "She likes to put on a show. She would do her cheers and gymnastics and somersaults; and one thing we say we miss, something we told her to stop saying which is 'watch me, watch this.'"

Bella loved going to her dance and cheer classes. Her dance teacher Raegan Mirick says she was the perfect student.

"She was amazing. She always had a smile. No matter what I asked from her, she always tried it and didn't complain," she says. "She was quiet but she had a personality where, when she did say something, people listened."

Bella's aunt says when Bella told people to watch her dance they just had to watch.

"She liked to perform in the living room no matter how many people were in here or obstacles were in her way," she says. "She would always say [...] 'watch this!' and so, as much as sometimes I think we got aggravated by that, we laugh and that's something we are going to miss the most about her."

Funeral services will be held at the Norton Lovell Auditorium at New Diana Independent School District at 2 p.m.

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