Pine Tree ISD uses new app to reach students, parents

Updated: Feb. 15, 2018 at 9:33 PM CST
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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Pine Tree ISD has found a way to help not only students, but also parents and faculty, to report their concerns about bullying, depression, and even school violence to administrators.

"We encourage the students that if they see something, to say something," student services director Shalonda Adams said.

That's the motto Pine Tree ISD has been living by since the app "Anonymous Alerts" launched on February 1.

"It's an app for parents, it's an app for staff, and it's an app for the community," Adams said.

The app is simple to use, simply download the Anonymous App, login using "pinetreeisd" as the username and password and submit your problem or concerns.

Once you press submit, administrators will receive a notification on their phone and email, and will then take the proper protocols to address your concerns.

"This is another tool, anonymous alerts, where they can say something without the fear of retaliation," Adams said.

The app can even be used to report potential violence on campus.

"With the shooting in Florida, this will be one of those times where we have our eyes open if any student should report something like that," Adams said. "They have that availability if they are depressed or stressed or scared about the incident that happened."

But even though the app is available to everyone in the district, Adams know administrators still have a long road ahead of them to ensure the app is being used to its full potential.

"There's education and information that will have to continually be done and provided to the students to help build that trust," Adams said.

Adams says so far the app has helped administrators identify incidents of depression and bullying. Anonymous Alerts is available for both android and iPhones.

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