Driver-side seat warmer ignites with a driver in the seat

Updated: Feb. 1, 2018 at 9:27 PM CST
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An East Texas man received minor injuries after the driver-side seat warmer in his car caught fire while he was in the seat.

Wade Kerley owns a 2015 GM Buick Lacrosse.

"I sat down, started the car… About five minutes later I started smelling a burning smell,” said Kerley, referring to the incident on January 16. "I realized something was burning my back. I reached back to see why my seat was so hot and immediately burnt my hand."

Kerley said when he realized the seat warmer was on fire, his first instinct was “
to jump out of the car”.

"I just pounded on the seat…And the flame went out.”

The clothes on his back melted, and the burn on his hand wasn’t bad enough to go to the hospital.

Kerley contacted his local Buick dealership, and declined to identify which dealership because, “They were really very kind. They were very concerned about our situation, but they told us ‘You have to go through GM's claim department.’”

Kerley says he filed a claim with GM and he says they told him they're not responsible for the approximately $700 in damage “because there's not a current recall for this situation and also this car was over the mileage for the warranty”.

He says next, the GM representative suggested Kerley file a claim with his personal insurance which he did.

We contacted GM Buick Media Relations and Claims, but they have not returned our request for a comment.

Kerley now says he’s concerned for others.

"I just want people aware that this could happen. You could be driving with your family and your seat could ignite."

He also has a warning for the next person who considers buying a Buick Lacrosse.

“I want them to be aware that these seat warmers could cause damage to them and their families."

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