Pediatrician explains how to flu proof your home

Doctors give tips on how to flu proof your home (Source: KLTV)
Doctors give tips on how to flu proof your home (Source: KLTV)
Updated: Jan. 29, 2018 at 9:07 PM CST
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - According to the CDC, 39 states are still reporting high flu activity including here in Texas.

East Texans are looking for a way to fight the dreaded virus in their homes. With widespread outbreaks of the flu virus people are still wondering how they can fight the flu. UT Health Northeast, Dr. Monique Mills, says it all begins in your home.

"Cleaning hard surfaces in the home that are used frequently, like the faucets or the pulls on your drawers; all those things that are operated by your fingers," she says.

If no one is sick in your household, Mills says there are a few ways to germ-proof your home. When cleaning, it's important to remember the low-to-the-ground surfaces that children can easily reach.

"You want to clean at the level [that] is eye-level for your children," she says. "If you have a fifteen month old that is toddling around and touching surfaces and sneezing and coughing on surfaces that are lower than it would be for an adult, then that's an important reason to be thinking about cleaning the surfaces down at the level of the smallest person in your home."

In the household, doctors say family members should refrain from using hand towels because they hold moisture and collect germs.

"Another thing is the use of paper towels to dry your hands during hand washing, and instead of using a cloth towel for all family members, using disposable paper towels does decrease the exposure you would get [to bacteria] on a cloth towel," she says.

Doctors say to keep flu germs from spreading, it is also important to keep the person who is sick confined to one room and bathroom.

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