Pet Groom Pro: "Does It Work?"

We've all seen those products that use ion power to clean the air in your home. Now, someone has claimed to put that power in a brush for animals. It's called the Pet Groom Pro. And this week, we put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

It's not just a brush, says the print on the package. The claims say it cleans and deodorizes as you brush. The maker says its secret is that the brush emits millions of cleansing ions as you use it. We went to the Smith County Humane Society and tried the brush out on Hannah, a Golden Retriever.

Director, Gayle Helms started us out by giving Hannah a "smell test." "She maybe needs a fresh bath," says Gayle. "So, yeah she's kind of got a little bit of an odor." We loaded the required 9 volt battery in the brush's handle and we're ready to go. We noticed a slight high pitched sound coming from the brush, but it didn't seem to bother Hannah.

The thing that impressed Gayle was the pop-off top. When it comes off, so does all the hair the brush has gathered. "That worked like a charm," says Gayle. We kept brushing, until Gayle wanted to take another smell test. "That does make a difference," says Gayle.

We're all kind of surprised. So we call for a second opinion. Our second opinion maker thought Hannah smelled fresher too. "I don't know what I associate that smell with," says Gayle. "But it's almost like a dryer cloth or something." Don't misunderstand, there's no deodorant being added by the brush, but everyone who took a sniff, to our surprise, detected a fresher smell from Hannah's coat. And they say it feels cleaner too. "It's real soft."

Sounds like we have a winner, but don't ask any of us to explain it. "Like I said, you can hear a little buzzing," says Gayle. "But how that comes into play I have no idea." Later, we did some digging deep into the brush. There was a little electric blue light way down inside the brush that lights up, almost like a spark, when we turn on the brush. We suppose it's emitting ions. But even without the science lesson, Gayle says the brush is worth every penny.

It has a good hand grip, the bristles seem to be more comfortable for the dog that most, and the pop-top hair remover is a big plus.

"Does It Work?" "It does," says Gayle. "And pet owners are always looking for something that's going to help with the owner and I think this is a possibility."

The Pet Groom Pro gets a "yes."

We paid $9.99 for the brush at Walgreen's.

Joe Terrell, reporting.