Veteran Cornerbacks Add Stability And Depth To Cowboys Secondary

After making the all-rookie team two years agao, it's safe to say, Terrence Newman didn't live up to expectations last year, suffering through a sophomore slump. He was part of a defense that ranked 26th in the league in takeaways.

"He is really a hard worker," said head coach Bill Parcells.  "He's a good kid. He's dedicated to football. I just think he had a little confidance lapse you know?"

That slump had a silver lining, as Newman played well in the final three or four games. This year, the cavalry has arrived. The Cowboys signed veteran cornerbacks Anthony Henry and Aaron Glenn to add considerable depth to the position. But, with the added depth, comes added pressure. And Glenn, a former Parcells guy, is well prepared for it.

"If you don't like the pressure then you don't need to be on Bill's team," said Glenn.  "So, with me coming here, I feel like that I need to come in and make a difference right away."

"Aaron's very professional as is Henry, in their attitude," said Parcells.  "I think they are good role guys for the younger ones as well, including Terence Newman."

Aaron and Henry's presence seem to be making a difference. The cornerbacks are concentrating heavily on ball disruption this year, and are challenged by Parcells to produce as many as four turnovers a game this coming season.

"We're out there making plays, having fun," said Henry, "everybody on the same page, we're having a good time."

"We got a little competition going," said Newman.  "Who can get the most picks during practice and what not, so it's good just to get competition going right now and start being more competitve."

"If you look at statistics," said Glenn, "the team that with the best turnover ratio is the team that wins the game. That's what we're trying to do."

While three solid corners is a very positive thing, Parcells knows that's not enough.  He'd prefer to carry six quality corners, but who wouldn't?  Four or five would be great.  But, Lance Frazier has been battling through injuries, and Parcells isn't yet sold on Jacques Reeves, Bruce Thornton, Nathan Jones or Lenny Williams.  Somebody needs to step it up.

Kevin Berns reporting.