Homes for the Holidays: Cecil and Dexter

Updated: Nov. 8, 2017 at 5:39 PM CST
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - At The Humane Society's Pets Fur People, cats and dogs are provided an animal sanctuary while volunteers work tirelessly to find loving people to adopt them.

For example, Five-year-old Dexter spent a few years at the no-kill animal shelter until his owner, Cecil Davis, adopted him last December.  After experiencing the loss of a loved one, Davis adopted Dexter for his companionship.

"I was lonely I'd gone through a period of grief and I wanted a little dog […] and Dexter has worked out really well; I couldn't have found a better dog," Davis said.

According to Davis, her four-legged friend is the perfect protector and always finds a way to take care of her.

"Dexter, he's just always right with me; he wants to be everywhere that I am," she said. "He keeps me company; I've even caught him, if I get down on my knees to pray, he's gotten up on the bed and stuck his nose up against my nose."

Davis has always been an animal lover. Several years ago, she adopted a Cocker Spaniel from Pets Fur People that she owned for 10 years; she also has another dog named Gunner. A year after her Cocker Spaniel passed, Davis decided to adopt Dexter to have a friend for herself and a playmate for Gunner. She said her two dogs are close as brothers.

"They are best friends; they know they're family," she said. "They're a pack, is what they are, and I think I'm a member of the pack."

Davis said she truly believes if people are looking to own an animal, they should consider adopting one from Pets Fur People.

"Pets Fur People, they'll work with you; they'll help you find the right dog. And those little animals there, they need a home and they need to be taken care of," she said.

As for Dexter, Davis explained their love has no limits.

Pets Fur People has an abundance of homeless cats and dogs in need of a family.

The organization is in the middle of their fall fundraising campaign and needs help to continue their work. Pets Fur People needs monetary donations and, of course, adoption applicants. Follow this link to learn more.

Visit them on Facebook at this link.

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