Emotional 911 calls reveal timeline of Henderson County shooting

Published: Nov. 3, 2017 at 4:56 PM CDT|Updated: Nov. 3, 2017 at 11:05 PM CDT
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Kaylee Danielle, 7 and Kenlie, 5 (Source: GoFundMe page)
Kaylee Danielle, 7 and Kenlie, 5 (Source: GoFundMe page)

(KLTV) - "Yes ma'am, I'm wondering if I can get somebody to come out here and check my wife out?"

Emergency calls released by Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse on Friday reveal a distraught man who was awakened in the middle of the night by his wife saying she shot her daughters.

The calls begin at 11:29 pm on Nov. 1, with Jacob Henderson asking for help for his wife, Sarah. The call is then quickly disconnected. The dispatcher who answered works channels, and calls Henderson back to inquire about an address. She tells him emergency crews will be on their way.

About 15 minutes later, Henderson calls dispatch again, this time asking them to disregard his original call.

"And why would you like to cancel the call?" a dispatcher asks.

"She's fine now," he says at least twice. His voice is deep and tired.

Dispatchers ask a few questions, verifying she is talking to the same person who made the original call and that he does not need an ambulance now. He confirms.

Sheriff's deputies go to the home anyway, arriving about 11:45 p.m. They speak with Jacob and Sarah Henderson, who both say they are fine and no one needs assistance.

At 2:24 a.m., another 911 call is placed. Henderson is clearly sobbing and in shock.

"Yes…" he replies through sobs. "My wife…my wife just shot her kids."

"Is this Jacob?" dispatch asks.

Henderson confirms, and the dispatcher gets EMS and law enforcement headed to the home in Forgotten Acres, just south of Mabank.

"And how old are the children?" the dispatcher asks, typing so intently that the sound of the keys is loud on the recording.

"Seven… and five," Henderson says. His voice is cracking and shaky.

"Are they in the bedroom?" dispatch asked.

"They're in the living room," Henderson said.

"And they're not breathing?" dispatch asks.

"No," Henderson manages to say before breaking down.

Jacob Henderson tells the dispatcher that he was asleep when Sarah Henderson allegedly shot the girls as they were sleeping in the living room. He tells dispatch the girls have been shot in the head. He also tells the dispatcher that his wife and her daughters had all been asleep when he finally went to bed that night.

According to Sheriff Hillhouse, Sarah Henderson first shot the children, then entered the bedroom where her husband was sleeping. The gun misfired, which woke Jacob Henderson.

Hillhouse said Jacob Henderson then took the gun from his wife and held onto it until law enforcement arrived.

"She keeps trying to get the gun from me," Jacob Henderson tells the dispatcher.

Then later, Jacob is barely coherent as he says, "I loved those little girls."

Throughout the calls, until emergency crews arrive, Sarah Henderson's voice is heard in the background.

"Why did I do that, babe?" she asks at one point, and repeatedly says "I'm sorry."

"God, forgive me please," said Sarah Henderson.

"Why?" Jacob Henderson asks, over and over. "You said you were fine."

At the end of the call, emergency crews are heard arriving at the home on Forest Lane.

"I'll let you go now so you can open the door," dispatch tells Jacob Henderson.

"OK," he says with a broken voice and hangs up.

The next morning, Jacob Henderson was questioned at the sheriff's office and released.

Sarah Henderson remains jailed in the Henderson County, charged with one count of capital murder in the deaths of her daughters, KayLee Danielle, 7, and Kenlie, 5.

A third child in the family was not home at the time of the shooting.

Hillhouse says, investigators are looking into any indication that Sarah Henderson is affected by mental illness but, so far nothing has lead them to believe that.

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