Smith County moving forward with hiring county Fleet Administrator

Updated: Oct. 31, 2017 at 5:07 PM CDT
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SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Commissioners are moving forward with the process of hiring a Fleet Administrator to manage the more than 300 vehicles owned by the county.

Almost 30 departments in Smith County operate with county-owned vehicles, each of which is individually managed by its department head. According to Smith County Judge Nathaniel Moran, "because of the separated nature of that control, our goal is to consolidate that under the Fleet Manager Director…".

Today, the Smith County Commissioners decided to move forward interviewing a Fleet Administrator/Manager, but they're also considering the conjunction of a second option.

According to Judge Moran, the Commissioners "started looking at two tracks; one hiring a fleet manager internally, and number two, also should we just outsource that to a third-party company." He says they have found "the best fleet management programs need both".

The goal of hiring a Fleet Administrator or third-party company is ultimately to save taxpayer money.

Currently, the average age for non-law enforcement vehicles in Smith County is 11 years old. "That is a pretty old fleet, so we need to bring that age down significantly so were not paying excessive repair costs and maintenance costs," says Judge Moran.

The estimate for cost savings is still in the process. Judge Moran says they will need to sit down and go "through the analysis over the next several months to come up with an exact number".

The Commissioners currently have $65,000 budgeted for a fleet administrator, plus their benefits. A third-party company contract would cost about the same. Judge Moran says they hope to have a Fleet Administrator hired by the end of the year.

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