'Panicked' Asian deer caught on camera in Longview'

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview couple recently got a close look at an exotic deer. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but this deer is native to Eurasia, not East Texas, and was spotted running on a fourlane road in Longview.

The couple was able to drive alongside the deer and capture it on camera.

You've probably seen many deer in East Texas, but not one like this. On October 25 around 11:30 a.m., Carla and Robert Peoples were on West Loop 281 in Longview when they saw it: a fallow deer.

"It crossed all four lanes, and cars were stopping," Carla said.

They were worried it would cause a wreck. Carla said it crossed back and forth and seemed to prefer the pavement.

"If he would go on the grass, he didn't seem to like it. So finally he crossed back over to the left of us and went into a wooded area," Carla recalled.

And it wandered along a side road.

"You just had to "fallow" the deer," I offered.

"We "fallowed" the deer. Absolutely," Carla laughed.

But they thought the deer didn't look normal.

"If a deer could pant, he was panting. His tongue was hanging out he was looking back at us. He was definitely panicked, you could tell. I think the traffic really scared him," Carla said.

Then Robert realized they were driving next to a photo-op.

"And you could just tell that it was something that we weren't going to probably see again," Carla stated.

Carla shot while Robert drove. She posted it and by bedtime had 200 views.

"When I woke up the next morning I could not believe my eyes. I had 12,000 views," Carla smiled.

It grew to 100,000 after a few days, and is still growing.

"When he stood on the hill he looked at us and it was like, 'I'm the big dog here,'" Carla said.

"It's like the Hartford commercial," I observed.

"The Hartford commercial, yes that's what it looked like. Absolutely," she agreed with a smile.

Local game wardens are aware of the fallow deer and have been chasing sightings for over a week, although no one has reported one missing. It was last seen south of White Oak. If you spot it, call Longview Animal Control.

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