Mahomes performs 'Noble' act of kindness for Whitehouse Varsity players

Mahomes performs 'Noble' act of kindness for Whitehouse Varsity players

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - Whitehouse Varsity football players received a nice surprise on Wednesday from a former Wildcat turned pro.

Patrick Mahomes II, who now plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, donated new cleats to every single Varsity player at Whitehouse High School.

According to Communication/PR Specialist Nikki Simmons, Coach Adam Cook and Mahomes have a standing great relationship. Cook mentioned to Mahomes that there were several players on the team that could not afford new shoes. Mahomes, out of the goodness of his heart, decided to perform a great act of kindness and donated several pairs of shoes to the team.

Simmons says the kids were very excited and happy to receive the gift and that it meant a lot to them.

"They hear so much about his legacy ... so they were very grateful," said Simmons.

Mahomes had 4,619 passing yards, had 50 passing touchdowns, and 15 touchdowns his senior year at Whitehouse High School.

The coaches knew Mahomes was donating the shoes and were delighted to see the look on the kids' faces as they learned the former player was the one behind the generous gift.

Simmons says the team wants to honor him back by being a good person on and off the field.

In the video, Coach Cook discusses the act of being noble with the players. Over the summer the coaches got together and came up with a list of words they wanted to discuss with the team. Each coach signed up for a word to research. Every week a new word is presented to the team.  The word of this week just happened to be "noble." The Coaches felt Mahomes gesture came at a perfect time to show players what it means to be noble.

Simmons added that it really says a lot that an Alumnus "has gone all the way and he's not forgetting those roots, that's a message in itself for the kids."

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