Arrest affidavit released in Palestine brawl, reveals fight was over $5

Arrest affidavit released in Palestine brawl, reveals fight was over $5

PALESTINE, TX (KLTV) - The Palestine Police Department has released the incident report and arrest affidavit showing the details of the aggravated assault charge handed to a high school football player.

Le'George Gray was arrested on Thursday for assaulting teammate, Palestine High School senior Michael Stanczak, 18.

Gray is charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.

The arrest affidavit reveals that the fight began over a $5 debt owed to Gray. Stanczak reported to police that he had lost a basketball game to Gray and owed him money.

On Sept. 27, Palestine Police was dispatched to Palestine Regional Medical Center. Upon arrival police made contact with Stanczak provided a statement in writing because he was not able to talk due to his jaw being injured.

Stanczak stated in the report that he was in the locker room at Palestine High School when Gray started to push him around. Stanczak stated he told Gray to stop pushing him. Stanczak stated Gray said, "what are you going to do about it?" Stanczak stated he said nothing.

According to the report, Stanczak stated Gray asked where his money was at. Stanczak replied that he would get the money to him when he could. Stanczak told Police that the money was from a basketball game that Stanczak lost earlier in the month. He said Gray was upset and wanted to fight.

Stanczak advised police that he tried to call his mom to pick him up from school. Gray grabbed his phone and punched him. Stanczak told police that Gray kept hitting him about 4-5 times in the face. Stanczak admitted that he swung at Gray once, and Gray hit him again. Stanczak stated that he tried to restrain Gray and some team members grabbed Gray and broke up the fight.

A witness to the fight provided a statement to police confirming the incident and affirming that Stanczak did "wrap gray up and was not trying to fight back."

The witness told police when the fight was broken up Stanczak went to the training room and Gray went to the coaches.

The incident report states that no contact was made with any Palestine ISD official due to them not being on the scene.

The arrest affidavit reads that Gray did "then and there intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly cause serious bodily injury to MIchael Stanczak by striking him in the head and face multiple times with a closed fist, which caused serious bodily injury."

On September 28, Stanczak underwent surgery for multiple facial fractures including his jaw.

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