Better East Texas: Political opinions from non-political sources divide us

Better East Texas: Political opinions from non-political sources divide us

(KLTV) - In the continuing theme of everything is political or politically slanted, we have recent social media posts from ESPN talent Jemele Hill who tweeted that President Trump was a white supremacist. So, the name calling continues – including such from the President himself – but this tweet from Hill was handled by her employer – ESPN in a way that showed a double standard by the bosses at the network.

Miss Hill was lightly disciplined but remained employed at ESPN. This is a huge departure from the discipline and subsequent firing of ESPN commentator Kurt Shilling who was terminated back in April of 2016 for social media comments expressing his feelings on transgender bathrooms. Depending on your own beliefs, both comments were offensive, but Hill kept her job while Schilling was fired.

Now, Schilling had several comments and social media comments over a period of time where he was disciplined so there was definitely more content in the personnel file of Schilling.  But all in all, if an organization like ESPN is going to allow comments by their employees, they need be consistent with how those employees are treated in the aftermath.

Miss Hill may have a few more chances before she faces termination but the bottom line is this: do we really want sports commentators jumping into the political arena or do we want them focusing on what they have some expertise at, and that is reporting on sports?  Political opinions from non-political sources, regardless of political affiliation, don't foster dialogue, they simply divide.

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