How to detect Bluetooth card skimmers near gas pumps

Updated: Aug. 10, 2017 at 6:05 PM CDT
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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Skimmers at gas pumps have been an issue across East Texas, and now Bluetooth skimmers are making stealing your card information even easier.

A skimmer that is believed to be Bluetooth-operated was found at the Speed Track gas station in Tyler on Tuesday. It is just one of many relating to a string of card information thefts.

You can check for Bluetooth skimmers at a gas station using your cell phone. All you must do is turn on your Bluetooth, and if a device pops up named with a whole bunch of random letters and numbers, that is likely a skimming device.

Tim McLemee owns a technology company and says, "they can set the Bluetooth to where it transfers the data remotely to a capturing storage device, or someone can pull up next to it, get gas, and while you're getting gas… you can extract the data and not have to open the case again."

Bluetooth skimmers are relatively inexpensive to purchase, starting at about $100 on eBay.

Some East Texas gas stations now even have signs suggesting you pay inside to avoid skimmers, but the owner of the gas station in the recent bust in Tyler blames the worn down, 20-year-old pumps.

The station does have security cameras, but in this case, they were no help.

Khalid Iqbal, the owner of the Speed Track says, "This is not only here, this is everywhere, because you know, there is the negativity of the I.T. technology… Everything has some positive aspects, some negative aspects, and this is one of them."

Tyler police have not yet made an arrest relating to this card skimmer.

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