East Texas family searching after blind puppy is stolen from home

Updated: Jul. 12, 2017 at 7:37 PM CDT
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Lulu in her kennel (Source: Amanda Enright)
Lulu in her kennel (Source: Amanda Enright)
Lulu (Source: Amanda Enright)
Lulu (Source: Amanda Enright)

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A blind puppy, given to an East Texas child for Christmas, was stolen from her family's home.

The family says the puppy was stolen from their home around 5 o'clock Sunday evening, in the 13600 block of Peninsula Road, near Whitehouse and Lake Tyler.

Family members tell us that part of their family was taken with Lulu.

"I just want to see her," says 7-year-old Emma Enright, who took care of Lulu.

Holding back tears, Emma says she would give Lulu "a big hug" if she saw her again.

Amanda Enright, Emma's mom says Lulu held a special meaning for her daughter.

"It was born early in the morning on the day her great grandmother passed away. It kind of helped fill a void when we lost great grandmother. But we didn't find out it was blind until about a month ago," says Amanda.

Since it was blind, it was recommended that the dog that needed special care get some safe outside time.

While the Enright's were in the process of moving, they put Lulu next to their garage.

"And placed her in her kennel right here so she was covered has plenty of shade, had her water bottle," says Amanda.

It was at some point in the evening that Amanda Enright says a witness noticed "a young female caucasian pulled into our circle drive; she was in a maroon SUV, older model, kind of boxy."

They say the person may have taken Lulu and her kennel.

"So we're assuming between five and five thirty is when our puppy was taken," says Amanda.

Amanda says the person drove off, leaving them with no puppy and a multitude of questions.

"It's very uneasy that they came back this far back, and somebody had to know that she was here. My fear now is when they realize that it's blind…that they're probably just going to dump it and it's going to get run over," says Amanda.

We asked Emma what she hopes will happen after sharing Lulu's story.

"That we find her," says Emma.

The Smith County Sheriff's Office tells us there have been nine reports of missing dogs near Lake Tyler and Lake Palestine, but it's hard to pin down the reason why.

Amanda Enright says there was someone home when this happened. Lulu is an eight-month-old black lab, and weighs forty pounds. She was wearing a pink collar and a rabies vaccination tag with contact information on it.

If you've seen Lulu, you're asked to contact the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

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