Power crews continue to work across ETX, thousands remain without electricity

Power crews continue to work across ETX, thousands remain without electricity

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Crews are working Wednesday to restore power to residents across East Texas as the third day of clean up efforts continues.

The National Weather Service confirmed that two tornadoes impacted the Gregg County area Sunday.

An EF-1 touched down two miles west of Easton, along Hwy 2906. Another EF-1 touched down along Pine Tree Road, just north of West Cheryl Street, northwest of Longview.

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At 8:24 Wednesday evening, Scott McCloud with SWEPCO said that the Longview area now has 7,317 outages, and estimated restoration time is Friday by 5 p.m. He said that as of 7 p.m., SWEPCO had restored power to 90,500 customers, or about 88% of the 103,000 customers who lost power during Sunday's storms.

As of 3 pm Wednesday, SWEPCO said they had restored power to approximately 88,000 customers, or about 85 percent of the 103,000 customers who lost power during Sunday's storm.  Approximately 15,000 customers remain without power.

SWEPCO said that "after restoring the main circuits from substations, crews are continuing work on the distribution lines along streets, in neighborhoods, alleys and backyards, where we see major damage on poles, wires, cross arms and transformers."

The estimated restoration times below tell when we expect to have power restored to 95 percent of customers in an area. SWEPCO said power may be restored prior to the estimate.

Outages and Estimated Restoration Times (for 95 percent of customers who can take power):

LONGVIEW DISTRICT ( As of 4:00 p.m. 9,529, down from peak of 62,000)

Carthage area – 317 - Wednesday at 10 pm

Gladewater area – 190 - Wednesday at 5 pm

Longview area – 8,889 - Friday at 5 pm

SWEPCO said about 150 customers remain without power in the City of Tatum.

As of 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Upshur Rural Electric only had 29 customers without power. They are continuing to restore power to those affected and they advise customers to report if they are still without service and if to report any meters that need to be disconnected for repairs.

As of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, Rusk County Electric was reporting over 1,811 customers without power. Outages include the cities of Beckville, Easton, Gary, Henderson, Mt. Enterprise, Timpson, Carthage, and Kilgore. 600 remain without power in the City of Tatum.


An emergency center has also been created for those impacted by Sunday's storms. An American Red Cross emergency shelter is open at the Longview Exhibit Building at the Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center, 1123 Jaycee Drive. According to city officials, the shelter will have cots and blankets available for those in need. Showers are available but residents will need to bring soap, shampoo, and towel. Also, remember to bring any medications or medical equipment if necessary.

City officials also said that the Longview Public Library is open to residents that need to charge their cellphones.


Longview officials are also urging residents to be aware and cautious when driving. They recommend following these tips:

  • Many traffic lights are still out of service so remember to drive defensively.
  • If the traffic signal is totally dark, all drivers are to stop at the intersection, then proceed as if the intersection had stop signs controlling all approaches unless law enforcement or other authorized persons are directing traffic or there are portable stop signs located on select approaches.
  • If the signal is in flashing mode, drivers having a flashing red light are to stop and yield to other drivers before proceeding through the intersection. Drivers having a flashing yellow light are to proceed with caution.


See a map of SWEPCO outages here.

See a map of Upshur Rural Electric outages here.

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