East Texans say they had to 'fight back the storm' on Sunday

East Texans say they had to 'fight back the storm' on Sunday
Sheila Fragstein (Source: KLTV)
Sheila Fragstein (Source: KLTV)
Video from Kenny Howard
Video from Kenny Howard

LAKE CHEROKEE, TX (KLTV) - We're getting a very up-close look via cell phone video of those who were stuck at an East Texas lake during Sunday night's storms.

Residents on Lake Cherokee say they had to hold the doors and bunker down as the storm rattled their homes.They tell us that in those moments, all they could do was hope the storm didn't come into their home.

Video from Kenny Howard shows the power of the storms that produced two tornadoes on Sunday.

Howard can be heard over the video saying, "The boat house just fell!"

Sheila Fragstein is Howard's mother-in-law. She was inside when the storm was going on and next to Howard when he was recording.

She says even now, it's difficult to watch the video because they had to literally hold back the storm from entering.

"We were like this," she told me as she braced up against the door with her body, "just fighting it," she said.

We asked Fragstein if she thought that the doors would blow open.

"Yes, yes, because they were, I mean, they were bowing out here and water and wind was coming in on top of us. Kenny was standing...he had gotten pillows to protect us, but he would come around us and video so we could see what was going on," says Fragstein.

"It's gone; just a bunch of sticks now," says Fragstein as she looks at what's left of the boat house.

Sheila says it's a small price to pay for everyone's safety.

"I am amazed that no people, no kids got hurt. We just got stuff, and stuff can be replaced," says Fragstein.

Fragstein says she still doesn't have power, but is hoping it will be restored by Wednesday. As for the other homeowners on the lake, several were cleaning up tree damage Tuesday.

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