Officers go to work during tornado, return to find home destroyed

Officers go to work during tornado, return to find home destroyed

FRUITVALE, TX (KLTV) - Five East Texas law enforcement officers lost their homes during Saturday's storms. Two of the five were a husband and wife, both law enforcement officers, who say getting called to work actually saved their lives.

"I heard it across the radio. They were calling everybody in," said Damon Williams."They were talking about the tornadoes hitting, so naturally we wanted to go assist with what we could."

Damon and his wife left their home for work, and a short time later, they returned to find their home had been destroyed. However, not all was lost.

Damon's brother-in-law's police dog, who stays in an outdoor kennel next to Damon's home, was found alive and well. His kennel was totally destroyed.
"I'm not sure how, but the dog came out and is okay, still alive and running around."

Today Damon and his wife are going through the debris of what once was their home, trying to salvage what they can. Their two cars are totaled. Their home is a complete loss, and they don't have homeowners insurance.

However, Damon and his wife are remaining positive. They say they are not sure if they would be alive, had they taken shelter inside their home. 

"You can look at all of this devastation and sit down and cry, or you can say 'you know what, were all safe.' This house was built once and we can build it again."

The Texas Municipal Police Association is helping provide some assistance to the five law enforcement officers who lost their homes. To donate, visit

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