Bystanders rescue family trapped in submerged car near Myrtle Springs

Updated: May. 1, 2017 at 7:57 PM CDT
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Tom, Korry and Virginia meeting again (Source: KLTV)
Tom, Korry and Virginia meeting again (Source: KLTV)

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - We're beginning to see some incredible images of the heroic actions of East Texans when the severe weather put lives in danger.

Incredible video shows where bystanders had to jump into a flooded ditch to pull two small children from an upside-down vehicle near Myrtle Springs.

The children were riding with their family on Highway 64 Saturday night, when their truck went off the road.

We want to warn you, some of this video is difficult to watch.

We spoke with the man who shot the video, as well as the rescuers who came together at just the right time.

"We need a knife, a sharp knife, come on!" one man can be heard yelling in the video.

They were frantic moments and an effort to save lives.

"We got a baby, call 911!" another man yells in the video.

A family with two small children were trapped in rushing waters.

"Call 911, I already did, I already called them."

Korry Prox, a rescuer, is seen in a white shirt in the video.

"When I first got out, I didn't know if the people was out of the truck or not. Then I heard them screaming...'help us! help us!'...we have two kids. And at that moment, I just went ballistic," says Prox.

He rushed into the water.

"I went under, a couple of times, and I'm 260 pounds, so it [the current] was moving," says Prox.

With several there standing by the upside down vehicle, they desperately tried to get the doors open.

"Get whoever is inside out. I didn't know who was in, just to get them out," says Prox.

Finally, the moment they were waiting for happens. You can see in the video that the children are brought out as one of the rescuers begins to yell.

"Give me the baby, give me the baby!" someone screams, "I need [expletive] help!"

Though difficult to watch, the children were out of the water, and that's where Tom Mitchell comes in. He's the man who recorded the video.

"So I'm doing CPR right now," says Mitchell.

At this point, the screen fades to black in the video.

"And the phone is in your pocket right now?" we asked him.

"At this point, it's on the back of the baby. Nobody's paying attention to me except to that woman who starts praying," says Mitchell.

In the video, there's a woman named Virginia Howard who you can hear in the background praying. She also helped with CPR.

"I was just asking the Lord to breathe in those children, give them breath, empty the water out of their stomach," says Howard.

They succeeded in saving the children. Now, it's a different scene, the three who were there are all meeting once again.

"But I think this is the woman who was the hero," said Mitchell who was looking at Virginia Howard.

They are heroes in their own right.

Mitchell looked at Howard and told her, "When you came over and started praying, that gave me strength to continue."

They were strangers, but now they are connected in a moment that will stick with them; one they can be proud of.

"I haven't slept, really, since... much, because I was like, just what if we wasn't there...if we wasn't there then what could've happened to that family. I just thank God that they're here; that's the only thing that keeps me smiling," says Prox.

The girl's father made a Facebook post on Sunday saying that she was still in the hospital, stable and "doing much better." He also added that all scans and tests look promising.

The witnesses also say they have heard that the infant is recovering well.

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