Mahomes II has hometown support ahead of first round of NFL Draft

Updated: Apr. 26, 2017 at 9:56 PM CDT
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WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - In just over 24 hours, the first round of the NFL Draft will get underway in Philadelphia. If everything goes according to plan, Patrick Mahomes II is going to hear his named called. Whether the Whitehouse product goes number 10 or 25, the quarterback has plenty of hometown support.

Stanton Smith Elementary kids in Whitehouse screamed, "We are happy for you, Patrick!" on Wednesday afternoon. Wildcats Head Coach Adam Cook added, "Regardless of where he falls and what number he goes, he is our number one, no doubt. Just going from the different campuses, you can feel the excitement, so I can just imagine what that young man is feeling right now as it gets closer for him."

Excitement is the best word to describe the feeling around Mahomes and his family with the first round of the draft closing in. But there is some anxiety
due to the fact projections are never a sure thing.
"We are very excited, but it is stressful," Patrick's brother Jackson said. "We are really nervous to see everything that is about to happen." Patrick's dad, Pat Mahomes added, "You never know what is going to happen on draft day. One quarterback can be taken early and then 'boom, boom, boom'. Or somebody can sit back and wait."

At this point, it would be a complete shock if the former Texas Tech star quarterback didn't go on night one. That's thanks in large part to how Mahomes has conducted himself during workouts and interviews with NFL organizations.

"He is taking the next step to becoming a man, and I couldn't be prouder of the way he has handled it," Mahomes' father said.

Patrick's cousin Emma Herrington added, "It hasn't really hit me yet. It is just kind of nonchalant, but now that he is going to the NFL, it is a big deal."

Beginning his junior year, Mahomes took over as quarterback for Whitehouse. The plays Number 5 made on the field are still in the memory bank of fans and coaches. But the legacy he left behind goes way beyond the highlights.

Sam Cook, a junior high quarterback at Whitehouse said, "I'm proud to see that he has been growing and that he has been getting better everyday. Just being a part of that is awesome."

Coach Cook added, "The thing that I will always take is his character and who he was with his teammates and how he loved those guys. He has a great fan base at Whitehouse. He has gone onto Lubbock, and they talk great about him. And now, some big city is about to get to know Patrick Mahomes, too, and see that as well."

The East Texan's skill set on the football field is second to none. Mahomes has the strongest arm in the draft, and has been called the most exciting prospect, as well. But, leave it to family to describe the impact Mahomes is about to have on a new franchise.

Emma said, "He is just a strong guy, and he can take on a lot at one time and not show that it is affecting him." Mahomes' aunt Jill Herrington added, "He is just a good old boy, he is humbled. We have taught him well. He loves his family and friends."

Which is why on Thursday night, Mahomes will be at home instead of at the draft in Philadelphia. Hopefully he will also be celebrating with his support staff by the end of the first 32 picks.

"For the first time in Whitehouse history, we are going to have a young man that has the potential to be a first round pick," Coach Cook said.

Patrick's dad added, "It is like a coming out party, I mean, I don't want to say he is putting it on the map or anything like that, but he definitely represents Whitehouse wherever he goes."

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