Last Dodge Viper goes to East Texas couple

Updated: Mar. 27, 2017 at 8:45 PM CDT
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SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - If you forgot to order your Dodge Viper, well, it's too late. Fiat Chrysler is ending production in 2017. But who is going to get the last one? It's coming to East Texas, to a couple who have a thing for Vipers.

D'Ann Rauh says every girl should have at least one garage.

"This is one of my garages, anyway. It just has a few cars in it," Rauh smiled.

There's not room in this garage for all the Vipers owned by D'Ann and Wayne Rauh. They have 80 now that they bought the new one.

"That's the 2017. That's the newest that's in here right now," Rauh said.

And it looks like there will be one more that will be newer.

"I'll be getting it in August," Rauh revealed.

That will be the last sellable Viper. There will be one more that:

"Will be kept by Dodge, and put in a museum," Rauh explained.

That Viper has always been spoken for, but the one built before it:

"Is the very last Viper that anybody can own," Rauh said.

And the Rauhs were asked if they wanted it and of course they said yes.

"It's definitely a one of a kind. They've done some things that really was not feasible to do, but they've done it," Rauh said.

And of course they'll have to contact their insurance company and add the car to the bag.

The collection started back in 2006. She blames her husband Wayne.

"He kind of started the madness off, wanting one, and I got the first one, and I'm getting the last one," Rauh revealed.

"How many miles do they typically have on them?"

"Well, the one I drove Saturday had 600 and some miles on it," she smiled.

So the magic number of Vipers owned by the Rauhs will be 81, unless they start looking at previously owned.

"Where are you going to put it?" I asked D'Ann.

"I don't know. I really don't know," she replied looking around her crowded, but immaculate garage.

First world problem, I guess.

D'Ann is not saying what the Viper will look like, but she says it will definitely be custom to her choosing. That will be revealed in August when they pick up the car in Detroit.

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