Emergency bunkers see spike in sales after election of President Trump

Updated: Jan. 31, 2017 at 9:07 PM CST
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(KLTV) - Bunkers, which were popular during World War II and the Cold War, are now seeing a resurgence in popularity in the United States. Rising S. Company in Murchison is the largest bunker distribution company in the United States.

"It is an underground home that can protect you from a lot of different things," says company owner Clyde Scott.

The bunkers are multipurpose and can be used in case of severe weather, nuclear fallout, war, and even civil unrest.

"Now that Donald Trump has been elected president, people have really started purchasing bunkers, not necessarily because they don't like the president, but his policies are somewhat radical in a lot of people's opinions."

He attributes the increase in sales "to war that they potentially think he's going to bring upon America."

The underground homes can supply a family for about a year and are fully self-sustaining units.

"It all runs off of 12-volt power which is produced by the sunlight."

Construction Manager Brad Dancer says it takes "a team effort" to construct a unit, and they can make one in as little as three weeks.

"But civil unrest could happen at any moment, as you see new in today's time of 2017, there is a lot of civil unrest," says Scott.

This has inspired them to develop the units for the average person.

"We have developed a way to scale it for the average family to be able to have one in their backyard. You know, just in case something happens, it isn't that their crazy and they think oh the worlds coming to an end, no it's just in case."

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