Man emerges from tornado rubble without a scratch

Updated: Jan. 23, 2017 at 6:37 PM CST
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HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The National Weather Service has categorized the tornado that ripped through Scottsville an EF2. It hit early Saturday evening. Scottsville is located about two miles east of Marshall on FM 1998. Although it damaged a dozen homes and completely destroyed two mobile homes, there were no injuries reported.

Jason Patterson was sitting in his living room playing video games when his mobile home started shaking, and he heard the roar of the tornado.

"Then I had tried to run to the closet, and tried to get in the closet, and I opened the closet and everything just fell down on top of me so fast. I just heard a shaking, and all I remember was being sunken in; just a fall," Patterson said.

"And then when I looked up, there was the sky, the tornado just passed me," Patterson said.

He was trapped for a moment.

"My foot got tangled in a TV cord. I was trying to get it loose," Patterson recalled.

He got untangled and started making his way through what was left of the mobile home.

"I was up front on this side. Then I had to come back to the bedroom," Patterson revealed.

He finally emerged from the rubble without a scratch. The mobile home had been thrown thirty yards off its foundation in just a few seconds. Jason took quite a ride, but he didn't do it alone. His puppy Jojo was sitting next to him on the couch, and to Jason's surprise, his dog survived.

"I guess the couch saved him because he was so small," Patterson stated.

Jason and Jojo emerged together from the wreckage, and Jojo doesn't want to leave Jason's side. Jason hasn't been able to salvage much.

"My clothes and my CDs. That's the only things I can find here," Patterson said.

Jason's parents live next door, and although their house was damaged, they were also unharmed.

And Jojo, well, he didn't know what to think about the whole thing, but he didn't have a scratch either.

Patterson didn't have insurance on his home and plans on taking it a day at a time.

The National Weather Service found the path of a second tornado in the Kellyville community, located at FM 729 and Kellyville Cutoff in Marion County not too far from Lake O' the Pines. It tore a wall off a mobile home and damaged a few other structures in the area. Several large trees were downed, several on a storage building on Kellyville Cutoff. No injuries were reported in the second tornado.

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