Kilgore College student safe after escaping accused kidnapper

Kilgore College student safe after escaping accused kidnapper
Alexa Blair was able to escape from Motes. (Source: Rangerettes website)
Alexa Blair was able to escape from Motes. (Source: Rangerettes website)

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview college Rangerette had a frightening ordeal Thursday, as she was kidnapped at gunpoint. She managed to escape, and her accused abductor, who was arrested, is now out on bond.

On Thursday evening, Longview police were called initially to what they thought was a robbery in progress at a residence in the 2100 block of Airline Drive.

Kidnapped was 19-year-old Alexa Evonne Blair, a Kilgore Rangerette, and the daughter of the Rangerettes director Dana Blair.  57-year-old Nancy Alice Motes was arrested Thursday night by the Longview Police Department. She was booked into the Rusk County Jail on an aggravated kidnapping charge on Friday. 

It was from a home in Longview that 19-year-old Alexa was abducted by the intruder, and taken to a location in another county. 
"A woman came into a home, produced a weapon and kidnapped a 19-year-old female at gunpoint. They then left the location," said Longview Police Officer Kristie Brian.
Officers worked quickly, knowing time is crucial in any abduction.
"We got the information quickly, descriptions of the suspect and a vehicle she may have been driving. A weapon was produced and there could have been bodily injury," Brian says.

Nancy Motes was arrested in Rusk County, where she resides, by a combined effort between Longview and Rusk county authorities.

Blair was able to escape about an hour after she was abducted. She was able to call authorities who found her in Rusk county.

"She didn't require medical attention," says Brian.
Authorities have not released any details on what happened during that hour that Blair was held by her kidnapper.
"Witnesses around that time, they may not at the time realized what was going on, but gone back later and seen the victim, seen the suspect, seen
the vehicle," Brian says.

The justice of the peace who set bond on Motes says she was identified by two witnesses as the person who kidnapped Blair, and that the teen's cell
phone was found a mile from Motes home.
"We're still talking to the victim and any witnesses, trying to determine a motive at this point," says Brian.

Motes is free after posting on a $500,000 bond.

Kilgore College put out this statement:

'We are so thankful that our professional staff member and student are safe after this incident.
We're also thankful for the quick work of the Longview PD, Kilgore PD and Rusk County Sheriff's o\Office."
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