Proud of East Texas: The Myth of Santa's Beard

Proud of East Texas: The Myth of Santa's Beard

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - The Myth of Santa's Beard has already hit the bestseller list and picked up national and even international awards.

"I grew up dyslexic. I didn't want to read anymore than I had to, I didn't spell well. I didn't punctuate well. The last thing on my mind was to be an author," recalls the books author, Sharon Thayer.

Because of a change in the country's business climate and her strong belief in the 'jolly old elf' himself, Sharon produced 'The Myth of Santa's Beard', a delightful tale that transports children of all ages into the magical world of Santa.

"They need characters that set examples and take them on adventures and where they're going to learn important lessons in life," says Sharon.

And when your child asks you if Santa is real, well Sharon has a good explanation for that. "Then you have to explain to them that one person cannot, Santa needs lots and lots of helper elves."

But she also adds that those helper elves come in every shape, size and age all over the world, and they may volunteer at food banks, tend salvation army kettles in front of stores, or give donations. In other words, all who help put food on the table and presents under the tree at Christmas could be helper elves.

"We have so many good children in this world. It acknowledges that, it encourages them to be good," says Sharon.

Of course, every good book needs a problem to solve, and in The Myth of Santa's Beard, every child who shares, plays fair, and tells the truth, causes Santa's beard to grow. Well, with so many good children in the world, Santa's beard is so long he can't make enough toys for Christmas.

A special little prize at the end of the book is a magical envelope with a snippet of Santa's beard inside.

With over 20,000 books already sold and other books well on their way, it's hard to believe that Sharon Thayer, who makes our imagination soar with her writing, ever wanted to be anything else, but an author.

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