Streaking into history: Malakoff Tigers head into the state semifinals 14-0

Streaking into history: Malakoff Tigers head into the state semifinals 14-0

"Just being 14-0, it's real good," said Tyler Russell, senior wide receiver and corner.

"All the hard we put in, coming in from off-season going to the summer workouts, we've just had our eyes on it," said QT  Barker, senior wide receiver.

"This is the best year we have ever had and the kids set a goal and they are trying to reach it," said Jamie Driskell, Tiger's head football coach.

In their latest quest for greatness the Tigers upset Cameron Yoe thanks to a field goal in overtime. The 37-34 victory was a special one considering that last year, Malakoff's playoff run ended with a one point loss the Yoemen.

With Judd Miller in the pocket, the junior quarterback has propelled his offense to average 46 points per game. Giving credit to his consistent teammates, Miller says scoring is something he never worries about.

"We got a good offensive line to start off with. They are very good at blocking and doing the things they do up front to allow us to be explosive on the perimeter and even in the run game," said Judd Miller, junior quarterback.

"Every game we've played, we've just known that we have something special. We know we can keep it going," said Russell.

As the target on their backs grows larger and larger with each win, Head Coach Jamie Driskell has been able to keep his team humble and focused.

"We're not going to look passed Yoakum, we're not even looking at the State Championship. All our focus is on this game," said Barker.

"We know that we are going to get any team's best, so we have to play our best no matter what," said Russell.

While the athletes that suit up for Malakoff clearly have the right mindset, one can't help noticing that if both Mineola and Malakoff win Friday night the Class 3A Division I state championship will include two teams from East Texas.

"I know everybody in East Texas wants that, but right now Mineola and Wall have their business to do and they don't exist to us right now. It would be fun, it would be fun. But, Yoakum is very good and if we are fortunate enough to beat them then we would move on to whoever is next," said Coach Driskell.

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