10-year-old follows safety tips to help get herself, sister out of burning home

10-year-old follows safety tips to help get herself, sister out of burning home

(KLTV) - A 10-year-old girl who helped save her younger sister from a house fire is speaking out.

41-year-old Al Rushing and his wife, 28-year-old Shanice Rushing were both killed in the fire Sunday in Hughes Springs.

The young girl, Alyssa Rushing, said her 6-year-old sister Kalia woke her up Sunday morning. That's how she found out the house was on fire.

"I said 'Kalia! Come on Kalia!' and she said 'I can't see. How I going to get out?' I said 'Feel the walls,"' Alyssa explained.

"I got her shoes on, I got my shoes on, we just left to go outside and we yelled 'Help! Help! Help!" she added.  

She said she was scared when all this was happening, but knew she had to find a way out.

"At first I had to calm down. I had to breathe in breathe out and then me and her just, when I was calm, I could think of something to get out the house," she said.

"I was sad that first night. I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about Kalia. And my sister, she was crying," she added.

Alyssa said she learned what to do during a fire after a firefighter visited her school.

"I didn't get it in my lungs because I was crawling low to the ground," she explained.

"A firefighter came, he said when there's smoke in the air, you crawl under," she said.

Alyssa's mom, Tameca Martin, is proud of her daughter and said she's thankful she made it out alive.

"I was just relieved and I knew that she's very helpful and she loves Kalia. I knew she was going to do anything it took to get them out," Martin said.

"But of course, you know, I'm sad for Shanice and Al Rushing," she added.

Al was Alyssa's father. Alyssa said she loved their fishing trips together and is going to miss him and her stepmom. 

"He was nice; everybody liked him," Alyssa explained. 

Kalia is a heroic young girl who was able to apply an important lesson to save her and her sister's lives.

Alyssa did not live at the house that caught on fire, but her sister and two brothers did with her dad and stepmom. Her brothers were not home when the fire happened.

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