Woman posing as spiritual healer defrauds Tyler residents

Woman posing as spiritual healer defrauds Tyler residents

Tyler police are warning residents of a scam involving a woman posing as a spiritual healer.

Officials with the Tyler Police Department say they have been contacted by two victims who responded to an advertisement for a spiritual healer who is targeting the Hispanic community.

Both victims told police they called the phone number in the ad and were told by the suspect to go an address in the 500 block of Barron Avenue to meet with the healer.

The 'spiritual healer' charged $200 and $500 for each victim to start the healing process after telling them they were possessed with an evil spirit and that their families were in danger.

The suspect, a Hispanic female in her late 50s to 60s, told the victims to return with very large sums of cash to continue the healing process, according to police, convincing the victims that she was not keeping their money, but only praying over it.

Police say the suspect then placed the cash in a bandana in front of the victims and had them close their eyes to pray over it. The suspect told both victims not to open the bandana until the next day. When the bandana was opened, the victims realized the cash had been replaced with cut paper.

Upon further investigation, police determined that the suspect was using the rent-house for a front, and one of the victims observed out of state plates on vehicles parked in the driveway.

Police believe the suspect may be traveling from city to city pulling to pull off the scam.

Anyone with information about the suspects involved in this crime are urged to contact the Tyler Police Department, at 903-531-1000.

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