$1million donation to Breckenridge Village inspired by the late Pierre DeWet

$1million donation to Breckenridge Village inspired by the late Pierre DeWet

Released by BCFS: 

BCFS President and CEO Kevin Dinnin hosted over 80 Tyler community members, donors and elected officials at a Stakeholders Luncheon for Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT) on Thursday, August 4 at The Grove.

In a surprise announcement, Dinnin presented a $1 million check to BVT Executive Director Kevin King to help fund the construction of new residential facilities on the BVT campus to house more adults with developmental disabilities. This sizable contribution kicks off a $3M capital campaign inspired by longtime BVT friend and advocate, Pierre DeWet, who passed away early this year leaving a legacy of compassion and philanthropy toward BVT.

Dinnin described the emotional moments that inspired the capital campaign, which he says can only be explained by divine intervention.

At last year's BVT Men's Breakfast, DeWet asked for an autograph from Jimmy "The Rookie" Morris, a former major leaguer who served as the event's keynote speaker. Jimmy penned his signature on a baseball bat, and inscribed next to it "Hebrews 11:1." Dinnin observed the interaction and watched as DeWet immediately pulled out his smart phone to look up the meaning of the verse, which moved him to unexpectedly take the stage to address the crowd.

On-the-spot, to 480 guests in attendance, he declared a fundraising goal of $3 million to build three new homes at BVT!

Three was a special number to DeWet, who authored the book "The Story of We," a non-fiction tale of his family of three and their journey to the United States from South Africa. Hebrews 11.1 states, "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

"When you believe in something like Pierre did - like all of us here today do - you step up and do what's right," said Dinnin. "Pierre was truly a good man and BVT and our residents held a special place in his heart. Today, I present this $1 million gift to honor Pierre's surprise announcement, and help his dream for BVT come to fruition. With God, all things are possible, so our organization is stepping out in faith, inscribing Hebrews 11:1 in our hearts to guide us every step of the way."

BVT's 70-acre campus currently houses 39 full-time residents and 19 participants in the day program in six homes where they enjoy active lifestyles complete with vocational trainings, volunteer opportunities, and a broad range of creative avenues for self-expression such as athletics, dance, drama, arts, crafts, and music. The goal of the capital campaign is to increase bed capacity to serve more adults currently on the waiting list to move in to the "village."

Breckenridge Village of Tyler (BVT) is a faith-based community for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For more information, contact Linda Taylor at Breckenridge Village at (903) 596-8100 or visit BreckeridgeVillage.com.

BCFS is BVT's parent company, a global system of health and human service nonprofit organizations.