NFL: No evidence Peyton Manning used HGH

NFL: No evidence Peyton Manning used HGH

(RNN) - Peyton Manning has been cleared of allegations that he used human-growth hormone, the NFL announced Monday based on findings from a seven-month investigation.

The NFL stated that there was no credible evidence found that he violated the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Manning retired from the NFL after winning the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos, the second championship in his 17-year career.

Al-Jazeera America reported the allegations, based on a recording of a former intern at an anti-aging clinic. The intern, Charlie Sly, named Manning, along with NFL players Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, among others.

The NFL said Manning and his wife, Ashley Manning, were "fully cooperative" and supplied all the records asked for by investigators.

"The investigation involved witness interviews, a review of relevant records, a review of relevant records and other materials, online research and laboratory analysis and review," the NFL said.

The investigation continues into the other players listed in the Al Jazeera report.

Sly later recanted his statements.

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